"J didn't start the FIRE! It was always BURNING, thanks to Heat-Wave's PLANNING!

J didn't start the FIRE! No he didn't LIGHT it, but he tried to FIGHT IT!"

Also, I decided to make this a cameo littered page of Tapastic characters and creators. I usually put cameos in when ever I can, but this one in particular has about 5 cameos. How many can you spot?!

Also also, this is the start of brighter pages. My computer is really bright, and looking at the pages through desktops at my school made me realize how dark they really were. If you felt like the pages have been dark/saturated in the past, I went back and uploaded brighter versions of every page from the beginning of Book 3 onward as well as all The Valve pages. Let me know in the comments if this helps your reading experience.

Comic transcript

"Been wantin' to try this for awhile. I really hope this doesn't kill me."

J-Man and SB save the scientist for the burning Cem Lab. But can he stop the fire from spreading?

Superhero. Webcomic. Action. Fire. Book 4. Page 12. Cartoon. #BillyJoel4Life

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