Dietrologia p20 (End of Book 3)

Yes, you read that right. This actually is the final page of Book 3 (gonna be called Issues from now on). About two years to make 20 pages and it's finally over. Actually four years because this also the official end of the Origin Story arc. Some things first.....

Firstly, I'm real sorry it took this long. A lot of things came against the comic to do this. One is simply that I put J-Man above Valve. It is my main series but it went too far. Secondly was school (yes, it was this long ago). Trying to finish my projects along with J-Man, this got put to the wayside. And simply I just waning interest in this issue. Well, more so getting impatient with myself. Scenes like Val at the graveyard and this final page were one's I was eager to get too put I was getting annoyed that it was taking myself to get there. There is also the fact that I don't get many views for this series. Lots of stuff made me annoyed to work on something I truly enjoy.

I can't promise that the updates will be better, but I do have lots of ideas I want to make. This is also the last time you will see a page made with the basic Ps brush. I've moved on to much more realistic and fluent brushes since the Summer and I kept using this brush for consistence's sake. Future Valve pages will use the same brush J-Man has now. The next issue will also see a brand new arc and a new supervillain finally.

Hope I can continue entertaining you people. Thanks for reading and staying with the comic this far.

Comic transcript

"We'll have worst things to worry about."

The OOL come to an agreement as the Origin arc finally closes.

Webcomics. Fantasy. Drama. Book 3. Page 20. Colored. Cartoon.

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