HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! This is the Valve's first Halloween since I started it back in March. So to celebrate my favorite holiday he's Val in a recreation of one of the most recognizable horror posters of all time, for one of the best indie horror movies of all time: Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981).
The Evil Dead trilogy is a strange one. In the span of three movies it shifts genres, from gory horror (Evil Dead) to action/dark comedy (Army of Darkness). I love all three but the Evil Dead 2 is my personal favorite because it's the middle road movie, not fully horror but not fully action/comedy either. It's in it's own little weird world. And Ash Williams is one the best cocky protagonist ever. No one F***s with Bruce Campbell!!!
Sadly Evil Dead 2 doesn't have an interesting poster. Army of Darkness poster is great but (like the movie) it's more 80's action movie poster. The first Evil Dead, however, has a great scary poster. The image of someone being dragged down by an unknown hand is just frightening.
For my Valve poster I changed the hand to be on of the Shadow Warriors along with a red glow. Also, I just loved the pun name change. It's silly, but so is the Evil Dead Trilogy.
I do plan on watching Ash vs. Evil Dead when it comes out this Halloween (though I don't have Starz soooo.....). If you haven't, check out Evil Dead. Then check out Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. It's one of those trilogies where you'll want to watch the next movie after finishing the one. Just.....expect weirdness..........a LOT of weirdness.
Here's some questions you can answer in the comments:
What'd you think of the Evil Dead?
Which is you favorite movie in the franchise and why?
Did I do a good job recreating the poster with The Valve?
What's your favorite horror film to watch during the Halloween season?
Also, check out my "The Thing" poster for my other comic The J-Man Web Series.

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