HO HO HO! As I post this, Christmas Day 2015 is upon us. I love this holiday. The spirit of giving. The warmthful feeling of peace as the winter air starts to settle in. But more so, it is a time of remembrance, a nostalgic melancholy as you sit with family thinking about the 365 days you have just almost finished.
So what better why to celebrate then with an image of memory. Here, we see Val as a little girl getting her unmistakable jacket. It was a present from her Mom who we (almost) see for the first time. She gives her dreams of flying one day. And it so happens that she gets to fulfill that wish, with her best friend Sonny by her side.
Though it's corny, whether you with family, friends, or romantic partners; Merry Christmas! Now please, sit back by the fire place, watch some "Christmas Carol" and "Rudolph", and wait for the New Year to ring in.

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