And here it is. Book 2 is finally finished. Due to a lot of school related reason that I didn't predict, this took much longer then I expected. Almost a whole year. I was hoping to have the entire three-part origin story finished in time for the 1 year anniversary, way back in March 16th, 2016. But......well, I didn't.
It's not all tragedy, though. My comic making skills have improved greatly since Book 2 started back in July 2015, mostly thanks to my amazing cartooning teacher, Nick Bertozzi. Some of the best scenes that happened halfway-through might not have been as great as they are. Or maybe wouldn't have happened at all.
In Book 3: Dietrologia, Val (and us) will finally see the Officers of Light HQ. Book 3 won't have as much action as the previous two parts, as it will focus on Val's relationships with Officer Dutch and her brother Pagolo. It will have more character moments and has an ending I'm really looking forward to making/showing.
With all the delays, I'm sorry to put you on hiatus, but I want at least try to build a buffer. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on my other series' The J-Man Web Series and Tales from the Other Side. Thank you all for reading.

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