Happy 50th Trekkies! So September 8th 2016 marked the half-century birthday to the greatest sci-fi franchise in history! (FIGHT ME!)
Ok, just kidding. But the Star Trek universe is one of my favorite franchises ever. I'll admit I'm not a hard core fun. I'm mostly familiar with The Next Generation and some of The Original Series, though me and my mom have been watching Voyager on Netflix as of late. (BTW every Star Trek show and movie is on Netflix right now. GO! GO, MY CHILDREN!).
But I do consider myself a big fan. It's on of the first shows (well, anything) that made me think about important adult issues like society, identity, and prejudice as well and metaphysical ideas like time/space travel, alternate universes, and cyborgs. Being able to do both, as well as have interesting stories with amazing characters, is why I consider it the best in science fiction, at least for Film/TV.
But enough gushing, here's a celebratory pic of The J-Man, Sleepy Bear, and The Valve if they existed in the world of Star Trek. Here's to 50 more years (lookin' at you Discovery) and live long and prosper!

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