Once again the morbid night air of October is upon, and you know what that means!.....A HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

For the last two years I've been homaging some of my favorite posters in horror movie history. It's been fun and there's certainly no end of posters to work with, it seems odd that a webcomic would pay respects to horror comics history. And what better comic to play with then the granddaddy of them all: Tales from the Crypt.

A lot of people might know it better from the excellent HBO 90's series, which did a good just of replicating the comic's dark humor approach. The comics shouldn't be overlooked, however. TftC was one of many horror anthologies EC was publishing. Possessing fantastic art, scarier imagery then most horror movies of the time, and tackling taboo subject matter for it's day; EC was a true trend setter and inspired many creators to this day. Sadly they were hit the hardest when the Comics Code Authority arrived in the mid-50's, both because of it's horror and wartime stories. Mad magazine was the only thing to survive.

But that stupid system is gone now and many publishers like Dark Horse have taken upon themselves to collect these issues and reintroduce them to the masses. I truly recommend finding at least one of these trades for Halloween tomorrow. When it comes to horror, there's simply nothing better then the classics.

This poster homages Jack Davis' cover for Tales from the Crypt #41

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A special poster for Halloween, paying homage to Tales from the Crypt

Webcomics. Superhero. Horror. Homage. Halloween. 2017. Poster. Full Color.

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