Yeah, it wasn't that many updates since last year's Halloween special. Oh how I hate myself. But I DON'T hate Halloween, that's why I made this poster for you guys!

We did movies for two years, then comics last year. It's only fitting we pay homage to video games vast library of horror this year and I picked no better cover then DOOM! (Ultimate edition to specific. DOOM's cover is so iconic I had to do it but it also makes a perfect fit for this series since Val is demon hunter of sorts herself, thoooooooough not as brutal as the space marine, I'd say. This is also coming as few months after the DOOM: Eternal gameplay was first shown so everyone is in deep hype, including myself. That's gonna be some good sh*t!

You should check out the J-Man companion piece for Halloween, which tributes a certain whip-wielding vampire hunter.

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Mystical Valve Halloween poster paying homage to DOOM

Webcomics. Superhero. Fantasy. Halloween. Horror. DOOM.

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