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Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone

Age: ?

Height: 5ft 2in

Profession: Big-Man’s right hand man

First Appearance: Book 1: Origin Story

Not much is known about Mr.Stone. To regular people, and even to some of the criminals who work for him, he's a myth. There are plenty of people who have seen and talked with, and very little who have been on his bad side and lived. But the real question is: What’s with the gray skin? People have claimed it’s a one-in-a-million skin condition that caused his skin to harden. Some say his fist are as hard as a block of concrete and just as powerful.

Sergei Sternoff

Sergei Sternoff

Age: 35

Height: 9ft 0in

Profession: Thief/Thug/Supervillain

First Appearance:

(Normal) Book 1: An Origin Story
(Powered Up) Book 2: Shear Strength

Blinded by his hatred for the J, Sergei took a dangerous chance when Mr. Stone promised to make him stronger than the green-clad hero. Thanks to an experimental serum created by reluctant helper Dr. Knoxford, his body was permanently changed. There isn’t much else other to him then:


Dr. Ivan Mechtavias

Dr. Ivan Mechtavias

Age: 39

Height: 5ft 8in

Profession: Engineer/Roboticist/Supervillain

First Appearance: Book 3: Partners

For most of his career, Ivan worked with Dr. Anderson studying the effects of a new energy form known as "cosmic energy". After two failed attempts to control the dangerous energy with the Cosmic Generator he lost his arm, his reputation, his humanity, and maybe even his sanity. A master with robotics, he created a cyborg arm for himself. He even managed to use the arm as a weapon, creating cosmic beams and force fields when powered by a small chunk of Jaintium. A mastermind with the power to back it up, Dr. Mechtavias is one The J's deadliest foes.



Age: 33

Height: 5ft 5in

Profession: Engineer/Technician/Hitman

First Appearance: Book 4: Between Two Fires Pt1

Conrad Habdor had one really bad day five years ago. He developed the Heat-Wave armor to fight a battle for his brother that he thought the police couldn't, or wouldn't. He took down one mob boss but found himself caught up in another. Now he's the reluctant hitman to Mr. Stone, killing the biggest/most powerful men the Big-Man needed out. Now his life will take another turn when Stone sets his marks on The J-Man.

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