Melody Often


A cool lady I met at East Coast Comicon '16, mr and Melody did a little art trade. I drew small picture for her comic Trinadot and she drew The Valve, as you can see here. So far this is one of the most adorable arts I've gotten yet

Read Melody Often's Trinadot

Tiffany Cales

assets/images/static//Tiffany Cales-V.png

A piece by my good friend Tiffany. The Valve looks super sweet here, so bad ass. Almost like it's from a DC comic or something. I like that she got Val's longer/angular head shape down in a realistic way, as I've always wondered how it'd look exactly (she kinda looks like Sweet Dee from Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Also the braids are cool too! Such a good piece!

Check out her DeviantArt page!

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