Valve Web Series Character Sheet


This character sheet is used to make sure that look like they should in both drawing and color, though I also use it estimate a character's size relative to another.

Currently showing characters from Book 1. Will be updated with each book.

Valetina Mobela's Living Room

assets/images/static//Val's Living Room.png

Setting model for the living room of Val and Pagolo's aptarment.

First Ever Valve Sketch


I got a treat for you today. You are looking at the first ever drawing of my second web series "The Valve".

Let me get this outta the way: Yes, the scan is crap. I used my home scanner and it's nowhere near as powerful or large as the scanners at my school, SVA. It's just barely wide enough to fit my sketchbook. It's more of a report/essay than art scanner. So I had to do a jigsaw with the page. Please excuse the poor scanning.

With that done, let me talk about this thing. Unlike my "Jonny" series, which I had started way back in 2011, "Valve" didn't come into being until Summer of 2014. That's when I made that sketch and a lot has changed from that fateful July afternoon to chilly late December, when I started drawing the pages to Book 1.

Let's start with Val herself. Firstly, her facial features and hair were heavily inspired by Scarlett Johansson, specifically her look in The Avengers. I though she was a total bad-ass and she just happened be on my mind when I was doodling this (What? Don't look at me like that! I wasn't doing anything inappropriate, I swear!). But I thought her head shape was too similar to the main character of my other series "Jonny". So I decided to give her a more vertical face, smaller nose, and longer hair, 'cause I love drawing hair......Wha--?! M'sorry, got lost thinking about Scarlett again.

The second person Val's look is inspired by, which I didn't notice until much later, was Rouge from the X-Men. The highlighted bang on the side, the heavy brown jacket, and the skirt are all very Rougeesque. I swear I didn't realize until months after drawing out the character's world. I guess I subconsciously had Rouge on my mind too (I'm really digging myself into a hole here, aren't I?) Speaking of the jacket, you can see that the jacket's arms are more formfitting here whereas they are more open, big, and baggy in the final design. I thought this added more character. One last note, you can you see that the proper pronunciation of Valentina Mobela's name is "VAL-in-TEen-ah Moe-BELL-ah" (she's of Italian descent if that wasn't clear).

There isn't much to talk about with the superhero costume/powers. They've basically stayed the same since this sketch. I guess I can quickly tell why she does the "magic gun" thing. I looked at all the lazer beam-based heroes and they tend to use their whole hand. I thought it be funnier if Valve made a hand gun to activate her powers, like kids do when playing. Just something to lighten the mood. Also you can see in the middle sketch the Valve would have originally been covered in blue flames, but this was quickly dropped when I decided her powers would look more like lazers than fire.

Let's move on to Phillman down there in the corner there. Firstly, if you're curious about his strange name, it comes from an inside joke with me and my family. It's just a weird name I made up to tell jokes with. Other joke characters I've made up are Eccentric Dave, Billy and Billy's Grandpa, CircleJerk Teenage Boy, and Guy Friendman (who has no friends).

Originally he was a "Wizard Cop". Not very original. And is costume is........ugh. He's got a regular cop hat and random stars and moons on his suit. Just.......EGH! Eventually I would come up with the organization "Officers of Light" and a much better uniform. It's slightly less cliched than "Wizard Cops", wouldn't you say. Probably the biggest and most important change I've made from the this sketch is the fact that Phillman didn't need a Light Gauntlet. He would have done some magic on his own. This caused a lot of plotholes and made the O.o.L. too op. So I made it so that this officers used a gauntlet that ran on a limited energy source. This is better in the long-run as the Light Gauntlet helps to tie the O.o.L. to the Valve of Order and Chaos.

Speaking of which, the Valve itself hasn't changed much either. The biggest change was the removal of the red and blue orbs underneath the wings, as they were ultimately unnecessary.

So that's the first ever drawing of The Valve. This wasn't the last obviously, as my sketchbook would be flooded with concepts for the series after this. I drew up the sketches for Officer Dutch, Val's friend Sonny, the Tomb of the original Valve: Eris, and at least nine different super villains she will face in the future. Hopefully it didn't seems like I rambled too much, as there was a lot to talk about. Hopefully this has interested you in my "Valve" series if you aren't already subscribed. If you have any questions on other things that got changed or scrapped, please comment below. Thank you for reading.

I think my heart skipped a beat just mentioning Scarlett Johansson's name..............oh baby.......OH! Aaaaahhhhhhuuuuummm, didn't realize you were still reading this......(uncomfortable laughter)....

Valve #1 Original Cover

assets/images/static//Valve Book 1 Cover.png

This is the original cover to Book 1 of the Valve Web Series. Some months after I uploaded it I began to not like it. It was pretty stiff, the characters were too small, and overall not interesting. I made a new cover for the print version on November 14th, 2015 and now that's the official cover that goes up on the site.

Check out the updated cover here

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